David Zimmerman


The American southwest desert is a total ecosystem that is extremely fragile, easily scarred and slowly healed… and its resources including certain rare and endangered species of wildlife, plants and fishes, and numerous archeological and historic sites, are seriously threatened by air pollution, inadequate Federal management authority, and pressures of increased use, particularly recreational use, which will only intensify with the rapidly growing population of the area.  David’s work in these remarkable deserts in an effort to influence preservation through public awareness, opinion and action.“The purity, the almost spiritual quality and sense of scale impressed us all greatly.  David Zimmerman’s work combines composition, purity of vision and consummate skill.  With his control of that symbiosis, he addresses the important subject of our environment in trouble.  To find this work was a great joy to us all
Zelda Cheatle


Archival print on Hahnemuhle rag.

Available sizes
50″ x 35″
Edition of 8

35″ x 26″
Edition of 10

24″ x 20″
Edition of 12