Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain

b 1963  Havana, Cuba

Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain is of a generation of artists that seek to examine the experience of life in modern day Cuba.  His work revolves around the idea that all reality is entirely subjective, that an event or experience of a place changes as soon as it is interpreted or told to another.  In particular Ernesto is interested in how this relates to the history of emigration from Cuba to the United States and what drives his friends and neighbours to risk their lives in small boats on the open sea in the attempt to cross the Straits of Florida.Ernesto has lived and studied in both Cuba and Germany.  His work has been shown at Harvard, in Los Angeles and at art fairs throughout the Americas.  Most recently he and his father, also Ernesto Fernandez, were a major feature of the 2012 Havana Bienale.  Ernesto Fernandez snr is recognised as one of the key photographers of both before and after the Cuban revolution.