James Sparshatt

Impressions of dance

The swirls and flowing, liquid movements of dance give but a fleeting impression.  They are images that are burned into the mind’s eye, a panoply of colour in motion. To capture this spirit with the still medium of photography is challenging. Shoot too fast and the result is often a pose that looks unnatural, contrived… shoot too slow and the form of the dance, the character, is lost.  In between there are moments of magic… fractions of a second in which impressions can be captured and impressionism reborn.


C-types, typically acrylic face-mounted.

Available sizes
40″ x 27″   Edition of 15
60″ x 40″   Edition of 7
Custom (to 90″ x 60″)  Edition of 3

Los Vientos is only available as a triptych