James Sparshatt

Spirit of Youth

The Spirit of Youth series recalls some of the joyful memories of childhood.  A time when every other child who shared an afternoon on the beach or a snowball fight could become an immediate intimate.  My best memories are indistinct, the faces of my compatriots blurred, all but forgotten… and yet the feeling of jubilation and warmth remains.

Dark Materials were taken at sunset in Gokarna in southern India. Gokarna is home to three ancient Hindu temples, sites of pilgrimage that allow children to visit the sea perhaps for the first time.

Snowscapes were shot in St James’ Park, London.

C-types, typically acrylic face-mounted.

Available sizes
40″ x 27″   Edition of 15
60″ x 40″   Edition of 7
Custom (to 90″ x 60″)  Edition of 3