John Kenny

b 1975, Manchester, UK


John Kenny is a fine art photographer living in London. Since 2006 his focus has been on Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting the pivotal role that traditional communities play in humanity’s survival in places where the earth’s resources are minimal. His work emphasizes the positive role that Africa and Africans play in the 21st Century and also highlights the threats to traditional ways of life today.John’s work has been exhibited worldwide through international art shows and has been featured in The Times of London, The Telegraph, and the international art and photography press. John actively supports organisations that work within traditional African communities and has been a guest on BBC Radio and at the London International Documentary Festival. Last year John donated works in support of Survival international, Concern Worldwide, and featured in a Sotheby’s New York auction where a picture of his raised $10,600 in aid of ‘Art for Africa’.
Press Links

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