Cuba Land of Spirit
by James Sparshatt

bedbury_cuba_bookThis hardback book contains 140 pages of beautiful black and white duotone images.Available at £24.95 including postage and packing within the UK.

Cuba Land of Spirit celebrates the richness of Cuban life. James’ love for the island and its people comes shining through in his photographs. Visiting his subjects frequently over several years, he integrated into the fabric of their lives and developed an instinctive feel for what makes them tick.

His black and white images capture the essence of the country’s Latin vibe, from cafe society to street parties, to romantic interludes. They conjure a national energy and pride, revealing the people’s natural love for life. These images capture the Cuban people in all their rhythmic and sensual glory.

‘Anyone who wants an insight into Cuban life should look at this book, through it you can feel the essence of our people’
Carlos Acosta, Guest Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet

‘These beautiful, intimate photographs illustrate the strength and vibrancy of Cuban culture. They provide a subtle and provocative insight into a people through their music, their dance and song’
Howard Davies, Theatre Director

‘When I look at these photos I can smell my homeland’
Gabriel Fonseca, Cuban Musician


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