Art Bugs is a fun, informative introduction to the arts for children where they learn a number of styles and techniques to feed their creativity!  Children will experiment with a number of mediums such as charcoal, watercolour and clay modelling.    The lessons are held in the gallery.

The classes will be held in a safe environment with two responsible adults on the premises at all times. We would be unable to have any parents waiting due to lack of space so please consider this when booking your child’s space.

The course is a 5 week term and will cost £10 per child per class.

Bank Transfer payments or Cash accepted.

We only have limited places for each age group so please contact us on 01603 736954 or for more information or to secure your child’s place.

Here is a little introduction to our teachers….

Rachael Dalzell

Rachael Dalzell studied Fine art drawing and painting at the Wimbledon School of Art and continued to develop her drawing technique at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.   Her large dynamic paintings are inspired by the changing light and changing seasons of Norfolk using vibrant colours, soft hazy washes and sharp lines to create each piece.

Rachael’s work hangs in Alder Hey’s children hospital in Liverpool, in the US Embassy in Dublin, at the headquarters of the Clerical Medical corporation and in the foyer of the Medical Council of Ireland. A major piece will also soon be hanging at the nook – the East Anglian Children’s Hospice new centre in Norfolk.

She brings this love of art and the importance of mark making to her classes and uses her experience to inspire budding artists.

Joey Caston

As a primary school teacher, Joey has been on the frontline of creativity in the classroom. Art in all its forms is a valuable tool for developing ingenuity and curiosity in children’s minds. Growing up in rural North Norfolk Joey would examine the minute structures of insects, fungi and plants and add drawings and painting to her scrapbook she called the ‘Squirrel Book’.

She still likes the idea of making sketches, notes and diagrams that can be squirrelled away for later and worked on at a later time. The natural world is the main influence on Joey’s art. As a former Biologist, she would always find a way to link the natural world to an array of different art forms. Her work encompasses very detailed scientific drawings and microscopic art as well as more expressive pieces using natural materials to capture a landscape. Joey encourages her artists to become inventors and to experiment with an assortment of materials and media such as natural dyes, pigments and home burned charcoal to create intrigue and inspiration for every piece of art.