2018: The Year Ahead

Gallery events, exhibitions and education form an exciting 2018 programme at Capital Culture Gallery.

Gallery Events

We will be having various exhibitions throughout the year, each one with an accompanying event. After seeing how focusing on James’ work transformed the space so completely, we are excited to feature other Artists. Announcements for these future exhibitions can be found via our newsletter, on facebook, and right here on the blog.

Latin Spirit Exhibition: James Sparshatt. Gallery Events.

We are also going to host a few stand alone events for artists, for art lovers, for the community, and for local businesses. We hope that these events connect us further to our community and help people that perhaps have never been to a gallery before to visit us.

Further to this aim of connecting with our community and our Artists in new ways – we are going to start offering educational experiences both within the gallery (and our lovely garden) and out in community spaces.

Art Fairs

Our 2018 programme, of course, also includes our normal trips to various Art Fairs around the world. Find out which ones by looking below and find out more on our events page.

22 – 25 Feb – Art Karlsruhe

8 – 11 Mar – Affordable Art Fair Battersea

21 – 25 Mar – Affordable Art Fair New York

10 – 13 May – Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

You can also find out more at the Affordable Art Fair website

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