Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring Entrance

Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring

I started working as a Gallery assistant for Capital Culture Gallery last July. This weekend marked my first ever glimpse into the other half of the Gallery’s work with a trip to Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring.

Staff at Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring

The Fair staff were all lovely including these guys who wanted a snap

It was the first art fair I had ever been to and what a way to start! The attention to detail was incredible, with a corridor ceiling lined with plants, to installations and projects dotted around the hall. Then, of course, you have the large range of high quality contemporary galleries (over 100 of them) all with their best offerings on show. I was lucky enough to get there a bit early so I had time to walk around and enjoy the fair as a customer.

With events like the Private View and Late Night opening there are plenty of chances to come and take a look at the fair.

Capital Culture Gallery at the Fair

New work from Nando Kalweit

New work from Nando Kallweit

Our stand had our signature mix of paintings, sculpture and photography. I really liked the new work Nando bought over for the Fair – sculptures leaping dynamically off the wall. They complimented the Rachael Dalzell paintings sitting next to them. I always enjoy how our Gallery combines black and white pieces with vibrant colours. Our Artists work well together and stand strong on their own.

People were incredibly complimentary about the stand with one woman saying “It is the first stand where every single piece has been beautiful”. I was really proud to be there with Capital Culture Gallery and as I write this sitting in the Gallery I am very jealous of those still enjoying the Fair.


– Gallery Assistant, Becky

Find out more about the Affordable Art Fair at their Website.

Stay up to date with what Fair’s we are attending by looking at our Events.

If you met us at the Fair and are interested in the pieces we have please do get in contact

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