Art Fair East 2017

Capital Culture Gallery recently took our artist’s work to Art Fair East in Norwich this year. The fair was held in the medieval splendour of St Andrews Hall from 30 November to 3 December.

What is Art Fair East?

Founded, and curated by established artists Will Teather and Brian Korteling, Art Fair East has become one of the leading regional fairs in the country. Now in its third year it showcases contemporary art from around the UK and overseas. Will and Brian are passionate about getting more people interested in original contemporary art and helping artists to make a living from their work.

Capital Culture Gallery at Art Fair East

Artist: Nando Kallweit


“Art Fair East aims to deliver the best the art-world has to offer to the East of England. We are one of the largest exhibitions of our kind outside London, with hundreds of artworks by international and regional talent.  A wealth of artists, dealers and experts will be on hand to help visitors to build a superb collection of visual art from the UK and overseas.” – quote taken from the Art Fair East website


When we go to Art Fairs we like to showcase our central ethos of sharing culture and celebrating the world around us. Therefore, we always exhibit a range of Artists to share the quality and diversity of our Gallery. At Art Fair East we exhibited:

  • Vibrant paintings by Rachael Dalzell
  • Beautiful seascapes by Hannah Ludnow
  • The delicate work of Susila Bond
  • The compelling photography of Barry Cawston

These bright and colourful pieces were perfectly complimented by:

  • Striking black and white portaits by John Kenny
  • Latin images full of life by James Sparshatt
  • The beautiful sculptures by Nando Kallweit

It was the first time that our Gallery Assistant Becky had been to an Art Fair as an exhibitor. We go to Art Fairs all over the world therefore we thought the best way to introduce Becky to that side of our organisation was to bring her along this year.

“It was a great experience! Art Fairs are a big part of what we do at Capital Culture Gallery. Therefore to able to experience my first one right here in Norfolk with so many local Artists and galleries was fantastic. It was another great way to develop my experience.” – Becky Demmen


Find photos from our stand below.

Find out more about Art Fair East on their website.

Interested in one of our Artists? Why not find out more...

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