Banksy Dismaland - Barry Cawston

Barry Cawston & Banksy

Barry Cawston is one of our talented photographers and has won numerous awards and competitions. Including in the British Open Art awards in 2012 and 2013, the Exeter Contemporary Open and the Chairman’s Choice Award at the RWA Photographic Open 2008. Much of his work has both sociological and architectural elements. He bought these elements together to document Banksy’s Dismaland project.

He documented Banksy’s Dismaland site regularly from its launch on 20 Aug through to the masked ball on 27 Sept 2015. Each time he went there, he also went in to Weston Super Mare to photograph the town, the local people, the tourists and various scenarios which he encountered.

The resulting body of work is a snapshot of 21st century Britain and our interaction with art that was, paradoxically, a satire on our own reality. Deliberate pairings of Cawston’s images contrast the art in Dismaland with scenes of contemporary British life outside its gates. (Source)

The Volklingen Hutte

The Völklingen Ironworks are the world’s only surviving smelting works from the Golden Age of the iron and steel industry in the 19th and 20th century. In 1994 these gigantic ironworks covering an area of 600,000m² became the first industrial monument to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, they are a cultural attraction, themed discovery park and science centre rolled into one.- (Source)

The Ironworks are an incredible place to exhibit Barry’s work. They have an interesting mix of Culture, Science, Heritage and Projects. Whilst they are looking forward and using the space for exciting things they are also not forgetting the location’s heritage as a place of work. “Work at the Völklinger Hütte,” is a central theme through which they seek to honor the Völklinger Hütte’s history as a place of work.  It is well worth reading more about their projects. However, it is now time to focus on Barry Cawston…

The Exhibition

The renowned Banksy project “Dismaland” (2015) turned everything on its head, creating a “bemusement park” in place of an amusement park in the British seaside town of Weston-super-Mare near Bristol. The exhibition includes photographs of Banksy’s “Walled Off Hotel” (2017), a hotel in Bethlehem with the “worst view” in the world: the barrier wall between Israel and Palestine. It will also exhibit exciting photographs of Völklinger Hütte taken by Barry Cawston during his first visit here.

This exhibition, the first to feature the two art projects, “Dismaland” (2015)  & “Walled Off Hotel” (2017) together, is not only a sensational way to start their 2018 season, it also cements the Völklinger Hütte’s reputation as a center for urban art. There are a massive 40 photographs on display all measuring 2m x 2.5m.

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