Photographer Barry Cawston is in Russia at the moment. If you have been following his instagram recently you will have seen the extraordinary images he has been sharing.

Barry is currently in Russia to create work for Exhibitions in St. Petersburgh and Moscow with Ken Climie’s Exposed Gallery and Centre for the Arts (More on that in a future blog post) Ken Climie founded Capital Culture Gallery along with James in 2005. After a decade in London, Ken founded Exposed Gallery and Centre for the Arts in Moscow and James and Rachael moved Capital Culture Gallery to a new space close to their home in Norfolk. Which brings us up to the present day. 

Barry Cawston

In addition to being one of our Artists Barry Cawston is also our Photography Consultant. He often works with us at our international art fairs. Born in Bournemoth in 1966 he is an exciting photographer who creates stunningly vibrant photographs. He completed a Sociology Degree at Leeds University before embarking on his Photography career at Kitson College, Leeds in 1989. Much of Barry’s compelling, offbeat photography has sociological as well as architectural elements.You can see this in his book Are We There Yet? a visual reminder of Banksy’s world famous Dismaland installation, juxtaposing images from the ‘bemusement park’ with others from Weston-Super-Mare.

Barry Cawston in Russia: Instagram Highlights

Find out more about Barry Cawton on his Artist page. Make sure you follow Barry on instagram.

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