Build Africa Ball
June 25th London

Thank you to John Kenny and James Sparshatt who have donated work to be auctioned at the Build Africa Ball to be held at One Mayfair on 25th June.

Build Africa work in remote areas of Kenya and Uganda, combining education and livelihood projects which provide children and their families with the opportunities to live more fulfilled lives. Our aim is not only to support the schools and communities where we work, but to generate sustainable development which can continue without us. 

A good quality of life relies on the fulfilment of certain requirements: having enough nutritious food ensuring a healthy diet; being in good health; having a secure, reliable and sufficient income to cover existing and potential financial needs; having a safe and secure home to live in; to be educated to a level that provides long lasting benefits; and to have easy access to clean water. These aspects are closely connected and achieving them ensures that everyone  we work with can live happier, healthier and more productive lives.