Art Karlsruhe

What is Art Karlsruhe?

Art Karlsruhe is one of Germany’s biggest Art Fairs with 50,000 visitors expected this year and over 200 international galleries exhibiting. A wide variety of art will be on offer, ranging from classical, modern to contemporary art. The fair is known for it’s skilful interplay among gallery booths, spacious sculpture areas, and stimulating special exhibitions. It is the first time that Capital Culture Gallery has had a booth here. We are so excited to share our Artist’s work in this new space.

“With prices from as little as 100 euros to as much
as one million or more euros, the right artwork is available
to make every collector’s wish come true. But the fair does
not present itself as a miscellaneous compilation, although
it spans four halls and some 35,000 square meters of display
area. In a marvellous way, this overwhelming selection of
artworks, which range from Classic Modern art to the latest
Contemporary art, is meticulously structured, almost as if a
museum’s curator had laboriously brought artworks from a
time span of circa 120 years into their correct art-historical

Our Artists

Capital Culture Gallery is taking a selection of our Artist’s work with us. You will need to wait until the fair (or our blog post after) to see all of the exciting work. However, we think it’s important to give you a sneak peak! Therefore, find a couple of examples of the work we wil be bringing below:

Barry Cawton

Artist: Barry Cawston

Artist: Monica Denevan

Artist: Nando Kallweit


We will have those and much more, including brand new large prints from Monica Denevan.

Finally, the exciting news we have eluded to on our facebook page. Nando Kallweit has been asked to bring 3 of his life size sculptures to be featured in the entrance way in front of the Fair! This is amazing news as everyone who comes will have the chance to enjoy his work in a dedicated area.

We look forward to seeing some of you there!

Find out more about our Artists.

Find out more at the Art Karlsruhe website.

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